Help for children from the Kovczeg Orphanage in Ukraine

Our Foundation supports an educational and care facility in Nowołyńsk, Ukraine. 24 pupils live there. They come from dysfunctional families. The facility try their best to provide homelike atmosphere, safe conditions for living and learning.
Due to the present difficult epidemiological time, we will support the center by supplying them with disinfection products that our Foundation received from company JAVEL Polska and protective masks.
We will also provide school supplies and laptops for children so they can learn remotely.
We are organizing collections of school supplies (such as notebooks, pens, pencils, painting albums, crayons, etc.). Collections will take place in schools in Bydgoszcz, Mąkowarsko, Gdańsk and Warsaw.
We will place special thank you notes to the Schools and volunteers on our websites. We are very happy that children from Polish schools are willing to get involved in the project of helping children and youth in Ukraine.
We would like to thank the school management for organizing the collection, which is a great educational lesson.
Last but not least our special thanks go to the First Secretary of the Embassy of Ukraine in Warsaw - Mrs. Tamila Shutak for supporting our activities, expressing the will to help deliver gifts to the "Kovczeg" Children's Center in Nowowołyńsk.
Due to the second wave of the COVID 19, we are temporarily suspending fundraising in schools….