The AIDPOL Foundation was established on the initiative of Wojciech Jóźwiak, the founder and CEO of AIDPOL LLC.

AIDPOL is the first Polish company promoting and offering Polish products for international humanitarian and development aid worldwide.

Over the decade of our activity, we have gained knowledge and extensive experience, we have met many wonderful people from around the world, both those in need of help and who are committed to helping others. The know-how, achievements and experience prompted the Founder of the AIDPOL FOUNDATION to continue activity within the Foundation.

Together with our partners, we have carried out aid projects in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. For many years, we have been participating in international events such as DIHAD in Dubai (the annual international conference and exhibition of Aid & Development, launched in 2004 as the first humanitarian and development event in the Middle East), AIDEX in Brussels (a global event initiated in 2010 – a conference and the largest exhibition on humanitarian aid in the world), numerous conferences and workshops on humanitarian aid and development worldwide.

We support innovative programmes and initiatives in the field of ecology and medicine benefiting local communities in developing regions of the world. We undertake work on new energy sources obtained from natural resources and devices for their processing. We cooperate with other organisations and institutions to combat the epidemic of infectious and lifestyle diseases, and to reduce child mortality and morbidity in developing countries. We support educational activities which have a positive impact on economic development and improvement of people’s lives in the poorest regions of the world.


Our priorities

Health protection and promotion

Particular emphasis on sanitary conditions in the times of the COVID-19 pandemic and access to epidemiologically clean and safe drinking water.

Pro-ecological activities

Implementation of new technological solutions supporting the protection of our planet and nature, bio-waste processing and waste and rubbish disposal.

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Our Team

The Board


Wojciech Jóźwiak

Founder, Chairman of the Board

Filip Vincent Jóźwiak

Board Member

Staff & Associates

Mohamed Saleh

Project coordinator for Africa mosaleh@aidpol.org

David Munanka

Project coordinator in Tanzania dmunanka@gmail.com

Sebastian Mikołajczak

Environmental Consultant

Viktoriia Bukovska

Project Consultant for Ukraine victoria.b.ukr@gmail.com

lek. Wojciech Gług

Medical Aid Consultant w.k.glug@gmail.com


Joanna Domaszewicz


Orysia Bukovska


Our partners