We will provide disinfection and drinking water purification tablets to missions in African countries

Drinking water purification

Javel® AQUA soluble chlorine tablets are intended for the disinfection of drinking water, whose origin is doubtful or unknown. As a product with a very high biocidal efficiency, they eliminate microorganisms contained in water that cause gastrointestinal disorders.


Javel® products® are professional biocidal products of the highest quality which guarantee hygiene and cleanliness. Thanks to a wide range of application, they have been used for years in medical and catering facilities, agriculture and in areas affected by floods or other natural disasters in Poland and worldwide.

Support in combating epidemics

In the times of the current pandemic, where safety and disinfection have become even more important, it is worth emphasising that the active substance in our products is recommended by the WHO to combat the COVID-19 virus.